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Pharmacy Compounding: What is it & how it can benefit you?

Pharmacy compounding is the art of preparing medications customized for individual patients. For example, if a doctor feels that a patient needs a certain dose of a medication that is not manufactured by a drug company that doctor can contact a compounding pharmacy and have it made exactly how the doctor wants it. We can compound medications in the dosage strength, form and a flavor that meets your needs.
Back in the 1930ís & 40ís more than half of all medications were compounded. Once drugs started to be manufactured this all changed. But, with in the last 15 years compounding has made a comeback.
There are several reasons why pharmacists compound prescriptions. Many people are allergic to preservatives & dyes that are present in manufactured medications. Compounding can eliminate this problem. Pharmacists can also change the strength of a medication if the one the doctor orders is not available. Also, by compounding, a pharmacist can change a tablet into liquid and change the flavor of an existing liquid. Medications can also be changed into a topical cream or gel to be absorbed thru the skin if swallowing is a problem.
Available dosage forms:
  • Capsules-powder and oil
  • Topical-creams, ointments, lotions, pastes, gels, powders
  • Enemas
  • Suppositories - rectal, vaginal
  • Lollipops - flavored to meet the patient preferences
  • Suspensions and solutions-formulate solid medications into liquid

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