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How can I stop drinking so much soda?

A can of regular soda is equivalent 10 teaspoons of sugar. And just how do you go about kicking a soda habit? It comes down to four steps.

  1. Make up your mind - It will take firm commitment to make it happen.
  2. Switch to diet sodas. Gradually make the switch to diet sodas, just make a small decrease at a time, like one sugar soda a day. Work toward decreasing the amount of diet sodas you drink as well.
  3. Go Caffeine–Free if you are addicted to the caffeine in soda you are really kicking two habits – the soda habit and the caffeine habit. It takes a few weeks to truly forget the craving.
  4. Stock Up on Alternatives. Keep plenty of tasty non–soda drinks on hand.

Here are a few alternatives; give soy milk a chance, skim milk or spruce up your water. To an avid soda drinker, water can seem a little unexciting; add a sprig of mint or a slice of lemon.

Calories from beverages make up 21% of the total daily calories consumed by Americans over 2 years old. Beverages are a major contributor to the alarming increase in obesity.


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