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Biofreeze: For sore muscles and joint pain

If sore muscles and joint pain is keeping you from enjoying your life, Biofreeze may be the help you're looking for.
Biofreeze is an effective pain reliever that contains an herbal extract that is used around the world. It is a topical analgesic that can effectively relief pain from sore muscles, arthritis, muscle strains, back, shoulder & neck pain.
Biofreeze is extremely effective in helping people who have trouble sleeping because of pain and discomfort. It can be applied to the painful area right before bedtime and has been reported to aid in achieving a full night's rest.
To receive better absorption and increased pain relief, Biofreeze should be applied by massaging it into the painful area. This increases the blood flow and warms the affected area.
Biofreeze can be used up to four times a day and is particularly effective in lessening arthritis pain.
Ken's Thriftyway Pharmacy and Home Medical offers Biofreeze in a tube and roll-on at both locations.


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