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Copper Sole Socks

Come to Ken's Thriftyway Pharmacy & Home Medical to try copper sole socks, the healthiest socks you'll ever wear.
Copper sole socks help prevent 99.9% of bacteria & fungi from growing on the sock which in turn controls odor. This is done by infusing copper into the yarn of the sock. No other sock uses the power of copper.
These socks are designed to draw moisture away from the foot & this allows the foot to stay drier.
Over time, copper sole socks will improve your skin's texture & appearance & will help your feet to feel rejuvenated!!! And these socks are great for people with diabetes because they won't stop circulation and have a smooth comfortable toe seam.
And because the copper ions are infused into the yarn, the protection does not wash out. It will last for the life of the socks. So go to Ken's Thriftyway Pharmacy & Home Medical and start experiencing the protection of copper sole sock.


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