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Apnea in Children

Apnea in children is our topic today and it is described as brief pauses in the breathing pattern. These brief pauses are usually considered normal but can sometimes be a cause for concern if the breathing stops for 20 seconds or longer.
There is more than one type of apnea but we will discuss obstructive apnea. This type is more common in children & usually occurs during sleep. Studies have shown that it occurs in as many at 1% to 3% of healthy pre-school age children.
Symptoms include:
  • labored breathing
  • restless sleep
  • most commonly-snoring
Because apnea prevents a good night's rest, these children may have trouble staying awake during the day & this may affect their grades. A recent study showed that some children may be mis-diagnosised with ADHD when they actually have sleep apnea.
One way to treat sleep apnea is by using a c-pap machine which requires a doctor's order. C-pap stands for continuous positive airway pressure and is very easy to use. This machine & other medical equipment can be found at Ken's Thriftyway Pharmacy.


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